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Related article: Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 08:12:45 PDT From: Jock Lover Subject: After the CombineThis story contains graphic sexual interaction between men, and is intended ONLY for those over the age of eighteen.These fictional accounts of sex involving celebrities should in no way suggest that these events occur in their real lives.Constructive criticism and comments are especially welcome, as are future story suggestions!After the Combine by in2jockshotmail.comPart 1 of 2The NFL Scouting Combine was finally over, and the college seniors and declared juniors who had undergone the grueling rounds of workouts and tests were glad it was finally over. Three quarterbacks who were expected to go very high in the April draft were especially happy at the results, having resolved questions of arm-strength and leadership abilities; for Kentucky's Tim Couch, Ohio State's Joe Germaine and UCLA's Cade McNown, it was time to par-tee!Joe Germaine drove his truck through the manicured streets of the upscale Indianapolis suburb, heading for his buddy Peyton Manning's house. As Peyton had a standing commitment to participate in a charity "BIKEATHON" fund-raising event that day, Preteen Models Bbs he had given his OSU buddy a key to his house, located in a very private Indianapolis development.Pulling up the familiar driveway, Joe parked next to the side entrance, and the three college jocks stretched their long legs as they walked up to the entrance."Wow, nice place - Peyton's got it real good here"."Yeah, Tim, Peyt's a real cool dude - look at this, he left us all this food and lots of cold drinks in the fridge. Anyone want a brewski?""Yeah, pass me one ... how about you, Cade""In a minute, I'll be right back"...."Man, look at this back yard - the pool is huge, just like you told us, Joe"."Even better, Tim, look at the high shrubs and stuff - total privacy!""Yeah! I see why you told me that it would be OK to skinny dip.Tim looked up to see Joe finish stepping out of his khaki shorts and boxers, pulling them off in one fell swoop."YEAH!" Tim exclaimed as he copied his Big 10 buddy, getting naked and following him out the sliding door and into the black bottom, irregular-shaped pool. The unseasonably warm February weather, combined with the heated water in the pool, made the boys feel great as they splashed and cavorted like two kids at summer camp. The tanned supple skin on the two collegiate All-Americans glistening in the sunlight as the water beaded on their broad shoulders, arms and backs."What Preteen Models Bbs happened to Cade?" Tim Couch asked, standing in the shallow end of the pool. Tim's crotch was just at water level, his thick stud dick bobbing on the level of the water, already beginning to harden in anticipation of the jock sex that he hoped would soon commence. He was about to ask Joe if they should maybe wait for Peyton to get there when Germaine swam up behind his KU buddy, pressing his muscular chest against Tim's strong, broad back.Don't know where he went, man" Joe replied as he ground his torso more firmly against the Wildcat quarterback's sleekly-muscled body. The movement caused the OSU star's stiffening boner to press against the back of Tim's wide, powerful thighs. Tim spread his legs apart just enough so that the co-Big-10 Player of the Year's fat shaft moved forward, pressing directly between the solid muscles of Tim's upper legs."Yeah, that feels real good buddy - don't stop!""Awesome legs on you, Tim"."Glad you like them. Wait, here, let me move up a bit". Tim opened his legs, letting Joe's now-rockhard pole slip out from his thighs. With Joe still behind him, he stepped up so that he could grasp the metal rails; crouching a bit further, more of Tim's body was now submerged (Tim was 5 inches taller than Joe, after all).As Joe once again pressed into his friend's body, he smiled as he realized that Tim's adjusted position allowed Joe's erection to slide directly in between Tim's super-muscular jock melons. The friction of Joe's dick moving up and down Tim's hairy jock crack, combined with the sluicing action of the pool water, was making both stud football players feel mighty good indeed. Joe knew what he wanted, but being well aware of Tim's reputation on the KU campus as the #1 top jock, Joe realized he'd better be sure."Hey Tim, I'm guessing your hole is really fuckin' tight - do you, um, ever let guys get inside it"?"The only dicks I ever take up my hole are big quarterback poles"."Yeah?""And, since you took my big shaft up your hole three times last night in the dorm showers, I definitely want to let you pay me back by driving that Buckeye boner deep up me - it's the perfect size to give my asshole a good plowing!".Joe was ecstatic as he realized that the 6'5" All-American was going to open his masculine hole. Germaine's 8 1/2-incher, firmly wedged in Tim's hairy crack, throbbed as he anticipated a truly hot fuck!""Too cool! I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I saw your picture in Sports Illustrated. It's gonna be real hot to screw the #1 draft choice's butthole"."#1 draft choice - hey, don't tell me you have a thing for Ricky Williams?"Joe laughed "Sorry, he's a great running back, but dreadlocks don't turn me on"Tim cracked up, then reached for Joe's hand and wrapped it around his giant pole. "Feel this, buddy - it's all boned up thinking about your big quarterback boner up my asshole".Joe loved that comment, so much so that his iron-hard pole spasmed. ""Want to do it here in the pool, Tim"?"That would be hot, but to be honest I'd rather go into the bedroom - I wanna look in those green eyes of yours while Preteen Models Bbs you plow me"."Actually that is a better idea - that way, I can rim your jock ass before we fuck"."Oh yeah, Joe. I love that - I'm definitely gonna need to be opened up to take that fratboy fucktool of yours".The boys climbed out of the pool, toweling off as they re-entered the house. Joe wrapped his hand around Tim's mega-hard tool and literally led him by his dick through the long hallway. Just as they were about to reach the threshold Preteen Models Bbs of the bedroom, they stopped in their tracks as they heard sounds resembling muffled voices. "What was that"?"Shhhh" Joe said, released his grip on his buddy's big penis. Motioning to Tim to wait, Joe silently moved down the hallway, then peered into a partially opened door Preteen Models Bbs opposite the restroom. He then silently walked back to Tim, sporting a wide grin."What is it"?"Well, I found Cade - and wait till you see what he's up to"Tim moved up to the door and peered into what he immediately realized was Peyton Manning's laundry room. The contents of a hamper and laundry bags had been emptied onto a pile on the floor, and in the midst of the sweaty, dirty football jerseys, shorts, jockstraps, plastic cups, boxer shorts and socks sat Cade McNown. The blond UCLA surferjock could not see his QB buddies, as he had a pair of Peyton's white football pants draped over his face, his mouth chewing wetly at the back seam of the satiny pants."...Oh yeah, so hot, Peyton, is this your hot butt-sweat I'm tasting? Is this where your round buttcheeks press against your uniform - Yeah, it is - so fuckin' hot, tasting your hot assjuice - Fuck, what did I do with your dirty cup - yeah, Peyton, I gotta smell your dick scent while I pound my dick - I wanna shoot my cum all over your gear ......Oh SHIT!!"The tanned naked UCLA muscleboy began to blush, but his momentary embarrassment quickly dissipated as he saw that his two naked combine buddies had raging hard- ons, and, better, that they were dropping to join him on the floor.Tim reached for one of Peyton's dirty socks, and proceeded to slip it over Cade's hard-on. He then proceeded to blow the Bruin's star right through the sock, getting the coarse material soaking wet with jock saliva. Joe Germaine, meantime, wasted no time spreading one of Peyton's jockstraps across Cade's fuzzy armpit, chewing on the blond surfer-looking stud's blond pit hair. The sensual tastes of Peyton's jock essence and Cade's athletic sweat were intoxicating to Joe, whose thick fucktool was once again as hard as iron.Cade, who hadn't dropped a load for a couple of days, was no match for Tim Couch's vacuum like mouth. His stud cum began to flow directly into the sock that still surrounded his ejaculating muscleboy penis. Between Tim's spit and the huge wad of surfer Preteen Models Bbs semen, the sock was completely soaked.Tim Couch, however, had another use in mind for the sock. Pulling the sock carefully off of Cade's still-erect rod, Tim then turned it inside out. Although some of the Cade-cream had fallen onto the floor, most of it still clung to the white cotton fabric. Tim carefully spread the soggy sock over his own iron hard boner, then moved into position behind the blond Oregon-native. Cade immediately realized what Couch had in mind, and reached back to grab the ridges of his surferboy melons to give the tall brown haired muscle stud total access to his furry blond jock hole.Tim had to use all of his self-control as he positioned his sock-covered dickhead at the gate to Cade McNown's fuzzy pucker. The sensation of the wet cotton fabric against the slowly-yielding walls of the gorgeous UCLA stud's rectum almost made Tim shoot, but he resisted the sensation because he hadn't been up Cade's asshole yet, and he wanted it to last for a while at least.Joe reached up to help. He pulled back on the sock material, so that Tim's prong had a direct path to Cade's opening. This was exactly what was needed to cause Cade's blond jock pucker to open enough for Tim's massive dickhead to move forward; within seconds, Tim was in to the flange of his covered dickhead.Cade was loving this hot penetration of his bowels - knowing that one studly quarterback had another studly QB's sock over his dick made Cade hotter than ever. He was glad that he had thought ahead and had slipped plenty of Coppertone up his asshole before they left the dorm, because Tim's covered dick would have otherwise had much rougher going up there. Joe pushed on Tim's muscleboy hips, driving the sure #1-draft choice's pole deeper into the Bruin fuckboy's hot butthole."Hey Joe, ready to take that piece of ass you asked me for?""Fuck yeah I am, dude!" Joe moved up and to his left so that he was directly his quarterback buddy. Tim's super-muscular jock butt was covered with sweat, and although the rock-hard buns were smooth, Tim had a thick, masculine thatch of brown hair in his ass-crack. Better still, as Joe had discovered earlier in the pool, because of the roundness of Tim's glutes, his crack was very deep. Joe knew that when he was inside Tim's hole and pulled out, Tim's cheeks would make it feel like Joe was still inside his asshole."Ready to go, man?" Tim asked Joe, feeling the Ohio boy's big dickhead nestle into the hairiness of his jock pucker. Tim stopped fucking into Cade's ass, letting his big dick fall out of the L.A. boy's stretched-out spinchter. The sock was now coated with plenty of jock bowel-juice from deep inside Cade. Somewhat reluctantly, Couch removed the slimy cloth from his dick, letting his wet shaft rest right at the entrance to Cade's hole. Tim tensed as he felt Germaine move forward, the OSU jock's big fratdick pushing through the hairiness and up, up, further into the Kentucky star's rarely-fucked jock anus.Joe went all the way in on that same slide, not stopping until his thick bush had made contact with Tim's muscle glutes. After letting his bowels adjust to the thickness, Tim pushed back into Cade's hot fuckhole, this time feeling just how hot the blond muscleboy's rectal walls were without the sock in the way.The three future NFL stars soon fell into an pistoning jock fuck rhythm. Each of the three friends was lost in his jock sex mind: Cade, getting the rough plowing he liked so much, Joe, plowing one of the most macho hairy assholes he'd ever slipped his superfat jockdick into, and Tim, experiencing the double nirvana of both an awesomely-tight jock anus gripping his pole while a fat thick studprick drove in and out of his butthole (he thought to himself that he'd have to bottom more often)!Unfortunately, this football-player orgy couldn't last forever, and it was Tim Couch that lost it first. The Kentucky superstar was overwhelmed by a total orgasm, completely consuming all of the nerve endings in his huge athletic body. The brown-haired stallion felt his balls tingle and his shaft throb as hot quarterback sperm ejaculated out of his dick and deep into Cade NcNown's oven- hot asshole. Jet after power-jet of Tim Couch stud semen shot into the blond's surferboy fuckhole.Tim's cream-spewing thrusting set Cade off - big globs of jock glue began to fire out of Cade's dickhead with almost nuclear force, many of the big drops landing a full five to six feet ahead of the shooting quarterback, all over the pieces of Peyton's gear strewn about the floor. Because he hadn't unloaded as recently as his two partners, the sheer volume of McNown's ejaculate was astounding.Joe had the added pleasure of feeling Tim start to cum up Cade's ass- Couch's ultra-tight jock spinchter contracted and spasmed powerfully with each orgasmic blast, literally milking the Buckeye Blow right out of Joe's heavy nuts.With one last shove, Joe buried his impaler into areas of Tim Couch's bowels that had probably never felt jock dick before - it was in this position that Joe Germaine started to fill Tim's deep anal tunnel with boiling jock lava. Joe felt his balls jerk with each spasm, realizing that the ultimate hotness of the Wildcat star's hairy ass was making him soot one of the biggest loads of his young life.Once all three quarterbacks had shot their sperm, they took some time to catch their breath, however, they remained coupled, running hands over each other's tawny sweat-coated skin. Tim's humungous Wildcat boner, hard and firm, still rested deep inside Cade's golden-boy bowels. The combination of the tightness of Cade's slick rectal walls, enhanced by the creamy wetness of jock semen, felt great to both boys; Tim had the added pleasure of feeling his OSU buddy's thick pole wedged into his own similarly-lubricated stud orifice.Joe reached over and gently rubbed his index finger around Tim's stretched, rubbery spinchter, spreading the mixture of Buckeye-cream and Wildcat assjuice (freshly extracted from Tim's deep anus) around the hairy opening of the tall jock's anal canal.The boys were roused from their relaxed mood by the sound of the door being opened "Hey, can anyone join this party?""Hey Peyt!" Joe yelled, looking at his very handsome pro quarterback buddy. All three of the collegiate All-Americans looked up at their host, who looked like some kind of jock sex god in his blue cycling jersey and black cycling shorts. Both sweat-soaked garments clung to the Colts star like a second skin, accentuating the Tennessee graduate's hard studly body. Best of all, the shorts made an almost obscene show of Peyton's gargantuan jock manhood, the famous 11- incher that jock fratboys all over the SEC fought over to have in their mouths and up their buttholes. After the Combine by in2jockshotmail.comPart 2 of 2(In the previous episode, Tim Couch, Joe Germaine and Cade McNown are having a party at Peyton Manning's house, celebrating the successful end of their participation in the NFL scouting combine. Peyton, having just concluded a charity event, has arrived at a very opportune time). "Hey Peyt!" Joe yelled, looking at his extremely handsome pro jock buddy. All three of the collegiate All-Americans looked over their host with lust in their eyes, staring at the preppy jock sex god in his blue cycling jersey and black cycling shorts. The sweat-soaked garments clung to the Colts star like a second skin, accentuating the Tennessee graduate's studly body. Best of all, the shorts made an almost obscene show of Peyton's gargantuan manhood, the famous 11-incher supercock that jock fratboys all over the SEC fought over to have in their mouths and up their buttholes."So how was the charity ride, Peyt"?"Actually, it was real good, we raised a shitload of money for the Colts foundation" Peyton replied as he removed his helmet and put it aside. "Only one problem - I'm as sore and tired as a motherfucker""Too tired for a toungebath, stud? We'd sure like to find out what Peyton-sweat tastes like" Tim stated as he made a show of licking his lips."Peyt" Joe spoke up, "how about letting us chew on the gear you have on - with you in it"?Peyton smiled, very much liking the thought of the three studboys facing him using their jock tongues all over his aching muscles. Peyton caught Cade's glance, turning on to the worshipful look in the Bruin boy's bright blue eyes."What do you think, McNown - how about it - wanna taste where the bike seat rode up into my crack - I'm real wet down there"."Oh man YEAH"! the big blond almost yelled as he watched Peyton make a lascivious show of bending over and showing Cade how round and muscular his spandex-covered buns were."Guys, let's take this act into the bedroom - plenty of room in there for us to spread out".Tim and Joe helped Cade up to his feet, and, big dicks bobbing in front of them, they followed their studly host down the short hallway and entered the big master bedroom. The bed was bigger than king-size, Peyton having had it custom made when he moved in (and the bed was just the right size for jock sex orgies) Within a few seconds, the three nude college All-Americans were each trying to outdo the other in licking and cleaning off their pro buddy, who was just a year or so older than them. Three long boy-tongues slid over the Colt rookie's buff body, picking up the tangy yet clean-tasting sweat that the handsome jock had built up at the outdoor event.Tim really went to town on Peyton's super-firm thighs and calves, marveling at the suppleness of the muscle under the covering of lightly haired skin. He exerted special effort licking at the leg openings of Peyton's shorts, causing extra pleasure for the Colts star.Joe, meantime, concentrated on Peyton's upper body, using his talented jock tongue to slide between the Tennessee grad's wet armpits and his pecs, gently nibbling on the points of his nipples, causing them to show clearly through the stretchy material.Peyton made a special effort to turn Cade on - he really loved blond surfer- looking guys and Cade sure fit the bill. As Tim worked on his legs and Joe on his chest, Peyton brought the handsome Californian's mouth to his and slipped him that big jock tongue, frenching him for a long time. As their mouths parted, Peyton moved slightly so that he could whisper into his buddy's ear:"Cade, gotta tell you, when I was riding out there, I was thinking about the fact that you'd be here at my house - that thought gave me a big boner""Really"? Cade asked as he broke into a wide smile."Fuck yeah, you and I haven't gotten to screw yet - I want to make sure we change that before you leave".Cade was now more turned on than ever, so much so that his erect dick was wildly leaking pre-cum. Peyton noticed."Man, you sure are a leaker - gimmie a taste".Cade reached down and rubbed his huge pink dickhead, coating his fingers with the glistening liquid. Peyton reached down, grabbed Cade's big hand and brought the blond's sticky fingers up to his mouth."Ummmm ..... FUCK, that tastes goood.Tim and Joe had changed positions, maneuvering so that they were between Peyton and Cade. Both all-Americans now had direct access to the huge mound in Peyton's cycling shorts. Jock saliva from Tim's and Joe's mouths soon caused Peyton's lycra-covered package to bulge out even more obscenely (if that was possible).As Preteen Models Bbs Peyton and Cade continued to share the hot taste of Cade's pre-ejaculate, Tim and Joe decided they couldn't wait any longer - they each grabbed one side of the cycling shorts waistband and yanked them down in a single motion. Tim was momentarily startled as, at the exact moment when Peyton's huge dickhead cleared the elastic, a glop of Peyton-precum splattered just above his right eye. Tim reached up and wiped it onto his fingers, then tasted the jock nectar as Joe watched with heated desire."Plenty down there for you too, Joe" Peyton sighed as his OSU buddy found that indeed there was lots of clear jock precum covering his massive helmet-shaped dickhead. Joe wasted no time, moving down and sucking on Peyton's pole like a lollipop, coaxing even more jock slime out of the big fountain.Tim maneuvered under his buddy to gain access to Peyton's big lemon-sized balls, feasting on the lightly-brown-haired globes. Adding to the erotic pleasure was the fact that Tim could detect the mild taste of the chamois liner that had been pressing against Peyton's jock nuts as he had been riding his bike.Peyton again looked Cade in the eyes, loving how hot this UCLA boy was. "I saved my ass for you, surferboy - want it"?Cade Preteen Models Bbs didn't know what to say, but he sure knew what to do - he moved down lower until he was staring at one of the hottest set of grapefruit-rounded jock mounds he'd ever seen. Cade loved to rim out jock ass (in fact, Preteen Models Bbs he'd cum lots of times without even jacking his big dick when he asshole-69'ed the blond hairy ass of his sexual mentor, Troy Aikman).Cade moved his arms up a bit, grasping one firm hairless melon in each hand. Cade's hands trembled with jock-lust he spread the gorgeous Indy-stud's cheeks apart and got his first glimpse at what had to be the hottest jock pucker he'd ever seen - a perfectly shaped pinkish "O", the edges of the rim generously halo-ed with brown hair.Cade's dick throbbed as his mind imagined what Peyton's jock rectum, recently having been stimulated by the bike seat, would taste like. He moved forward and extended his tongue into the valley formed by Manning's solid jock globes. The taste was overwhelming, clean jockboy sweatiness mixed with jock assjuice and with the chamois.Tim and Joe also had an enviable position, their twin mouths forming a fuck tunnel for Peyton to pump his huge boner between,. Tim and Joe could actually kiss around the edges of the fat jock shaft, spreading stud saliva over the smooth-skinned monster as it slid back and forth.Cade licked in a circle, wetting down the hair surrounding Peyton's pink jock pucker. He was totally turned on to the Colt QB's hole, and just as he was about to make his first attempt to get his tongue past Peyton's anal rim, he was stopped dead in his tracks by the sudden appearance of a brown cylindrical object next to his tongue."Hold it right there, blondie - this'll just take a second"."Oh no, not again" Peyton exclaimed with (mock) Preteen Models Bbs anger "you said you were gonna stop doing that".Tim and Joe began to look up, but they already recognized the voice as that of Peyton's friend, Ryan Leaf. They were both a little perplexed at the fact that Ryan's big 6'6" frame was covered in a soaked-through Chargers T-shirt and blue shorts. But, they were more curious as to what Ryan was doing. Once they had seen, they and Cade started laughing as they realized that Ryan had a big Cohiba cigar in his hand and that, with a big smile on his face, he was HUMIDOR-ING Peyton.All four boys momentarily paused their sexual activities to watch the Charger's QB put the big cigar in his mouth. Without lighting the jock-scented stogie up, he took an exaggerated drag from the cigar and exclaimed "Mmmm, tastes good"."He's been doing that to me ever since the grand jury report came out"."You gotta admit, Peyt, your butthole is a thousand times sexier than you-know who's cunt. Besides, if it's good enough for our fearless leader, well . . . .""Just as long as you don't light it - you know the rules in this house""I know, I know - but I SHOULD light it for what you did to me"."What do you mean"?"It was bad enough you assigned me to do the dunk-tank thing for the charity. But then, when I went to change, no dry clothes. You didn't bring in my gym bag from your car that had my change of clothes"."Oh shit - you're right - the bag is still in the trunk"."I had to borrow two beach towels to cover the leather seats in my Porsche"."OK - I owe you one"."And you betcha, I'll be collecting soon. But - hey, I interrupted what was looking like one hot party"."No problem, Ryan" Joe exclaimed, "as long as you join in".Ryan quickly slipped out of his wet clothes, and now naked, joined the other QBs on the bed. "Hey SoCal" Ryan said to Cade, "go for that asshole - it's the hottest around - I ate it for hours last night."Wait just one second Cade" Peyton said as he yanked the cigar out of his buddy's mouth. Peyton brought it up to his nose and took a long whiff."You know something, dudes - I DO have a fucking awesome-smelling butt, don't I"? Peyton stated."Eat it for him, Cade" Ryan instructed as he reached down to stroke the Bruin star's fat cock and huge low-hangers.Cade was soon lost in ecstasy, getting off on the taste of last year's #1 draft choice's jock assjuice. He drove his tongue deeper and deeper still, stimulating Peyton as the wet invader slithered deeper and deeper into the heated confines of the Colt star's jock anus."Go for it, surferboy" Ryan challenged Cade - "I dumped a big load up there this morning when Peyton and I fucked in the shower - get that tongue in there deep enough and you can taste me".The Washington State grad was now in perfect position to take the blond Bruin's fat dick all the way into his mouth. Cade reacted by this sudden feeling of pleasure by pushing his tongue deeper still inside Peyton's bowels, laving the warm rectal walls with his saliva.Remembering the other two guys, Ryan reached back and showed Tim and Joe the hairy cleft of his Charger asscrack. "How about one of you guys shoving your big jock pole in my butthole".Tim and Joe looked at each other with evil smiles, then wasted no time getting in back of Ryan."Hey guys, use plenty of lube - I'm still learning how to take fat dicks up my ass" Tim saw a tube of hair gel on Peyton's nightstand. Squeezing out a copious amount, he slathered first Joe's throbbing boner, than his own until both jock shafts were glistening. Tim took Joe's hardon in his hand and put it against Ryan's hairy orifice."Do it, Germaine - cram that big motherfucker up me".The OSU star wasted no time in shoving in, loving the feel of Ryan's hairy spinchter clamping down on his corona. Leaf's jock hole adjusted very quickly, and in a few moments he was pleading "C'mon, push it in HARD dude, I'm no wimp, I can take it" - yeah that's it - HARDER"!Tim in turn wanted a repeat of last night - he couldn't get enough of that Buckeye butthole. Joe eagerly paused in his thrusts into Ryan long enough to allow Tim to make contact and penetration. The Wildcat star's experienced buttbuster wasted no time in getting all the way into Joe's fuck-hungry studhole - Tim's huge head soon banging against Joe's prostate.Ryan, his hungry muscle hole now well-filled with jock cock, went back to blowing Cade, pistoning his handsome face up and down on the tanned blond jock shaft, enjoying the feel and smell of Cade's pubes against his lips and face on every stroke.At Peyton's insistence, Cade was alternating fingers with his tongue up Peyton's all-star fuck tunnel. The taste was nothing short of awesome, Cade thought, and apparently so did Peyton, as he would occasionally raise Cade's fingers to his face, to smell and taste his own jock rectal juices.Peyton gently pulled Ryan's mouth off of Cade's dick, as he was horny to feel the blond jock's pole inside him. Manning straddled McNown's lap, giving the UCLA boy a straight path to his well-lubricated asshole. Spreading his cheeks apart, Peyton wiggled the fat shaft around until the head made contact."That ride made my shithole itchy for a big cock - c'mon Cade, do it - fuck the hell out of my ass - give me that fat jock pole, surferboy - fuckin' NOW, goddamnit"!!!With all of Ryan's saliva on Cade's shaft, and Cade's own spit wetting down Peyton's bowels, there was no need for extra lubrication - Cade's thick horsecock had no trouble getting deep past the tight rectal portal - the Bruin star was soon balls-deep inside the cute preppy pro quarterback.Because of Cade's angle, Ryan had to ask Joe to pull out so he could maneuver into position to get his dick up against the blond jock's hairy pucker. Again, jock mouth-juice proved the best lubricant as Ryan's huge ten-incher slid deep between Cade's surfer-melons and into the rectal oven that was Cade's tight jock fuckhole.Once Joe re-inserted into Leaf, a massive jockfuck machine was assembled on Peyton's bed - five of the most gorgeous and muscular all-American quarterbacks built up a piston-like rhythm as the massively huge muscleboy boners drove in and out of superheated masculine jock rectums. Couch into Germaine, Germaine into Leaf, Leaf into McNown and McNown into Manning - five of the men who would in a few years be the elite of NFL quarterbacks were engaging in the most secret and intimate kind of jock bonding. As huge loads of warm creamy quarterback batter splashed into the well-fucked jock anuses, Tim, Joe, Ryan, Cade and Peyton realized that this was just the beginning of their very special lifelong friendships.
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